Armillaria luteobubalina – the Australian Honey Mushroom


An interesting native Armillaria species we often see is Armillaria luteobubalina. A very common mushroom on old stumps around the Dandenongs and Victoria in general in the coldest parts of winter (usually), we were informed fairly recently that families have been eating these since at least the 1950s assuming they actually were European Honey Mushrooms.

There are people who claim these mushrooms are edible if boiled to remove the mild toxins. In any case, they are an interesting species.




2 thoughts on “Armillaria luteobubalina – the Australian Honey Mushroom”

  1. Tony M,
    Looks very much like the mycelium that had an enormous flush of mushrooms(decaying into a black soup) that’s been responsible for destroying my surrounding shrubs & trees.


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