Coprinus comatus (The Shaggymane)


Often forgotten in favour of more popular species, the Shaggymane is still an impressive culinary gourmet mushroom in its own right, although its habit of disintegrating into an inky mass on spoiling makes the viability of long-term storage extremely poor.

Due to its high water content, this mushroom tends to add liquid to many dishes. With a consistency and flavour not unlike scrambled eggs, mixed together with a bit of butter on toast on a Sunday morning this mushroom holds its own.

Selby shrooms cultivate this mushroom organically on spent compost from April to September each year and can do so by request – although long-term storage of this mushroom once picked is very poor. We also sell petri-dish cultures of this mushroom (two strains) at $20 each and 1, 1.5 and 2 litre spawn.

Selby Shrooms flavour rating for this species: good to very good.


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  1. Hello and good morning. Do you have Coprinus comatus available this year at all? This is my third e-mail, wondering if you could get around to replying at some stage. Thanks


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