Hydnum species (Wood Hedgehogs)


In Selby and surrounds we frequently encounter a white Hydnum (Wood Hedgehog) species that is often described in guides as Hydnum repandum – an edible species found in Europe and the United States.

The mushrooms are petite bone to yellow with undulating margins and prominent spines instead of gills frequently found in Messmate and Mountain Grey Gum forest. Their flesh stains slowly bronze orange on damage and they can be quite brittle.

Recent DNA work on this species suggests collections from Menzies Creek ranged between 92% to 96% (LSU sequence) to Hydnum repandum which suggests these are not repandum and more closely match another unnamed Hydnum type specimen.

In terms of edibility this particular Hydnum species has been collected and consumed by people – including one previously tenured mycologist – since the 1950s so it certainly shows promise as a potential edible prospect despite its currently undescribed status.

Jsun from mushroaming has some great info at his blog here:



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A second rarer chestnut-capped variety was recently found at the same location and habitat – dna sequence and analysis placed this second species as 99% Hydnum crocidens:


Comparison of the two types: