2016 hunting season update

2016 hunting season update

Well the 2016 wild mushroom season in the Dandenongs has been unusually poor with some small periods of rain interposed with longer periods of very … Read more

King Stropharia spawn bags ready to order.

Hydnum species – Wood Hedgehogs

In Selby and surrounds we frequently encounter a white Hydnum (Wood Hedgehog) species that is often described in guides as Hydnum repandum – an edible … Read more

The colours of autumn and winter 2018

Agaricus ‘Vic Red Stainer’

One of the most interesting local Agaricus is the Victorian brown-capped red stainer. The most common variant is a dense, thickly scaled Agaricus species with … Read more

2016 hunting season update

Agaricus augustus

For quite a while Ive been puzzled by online and guidebook descriptions and observations of Agaricus augustus in southern Australia and particularly in Victoria. Nearly … Read more

2016 hunting season update

Cordyceps gunnii

By chance a neighbour of mine was cutting down a large Acacia and was burning the ground below it and had stumbled upon these. He … Read more