Feral Blue Oyster culture – Pleurotus ostreatus


This is a highly impressive and aggressive oyster strain cloned from a massive bouquet of feral growing blue oysters from Selby, Victoria.

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These feral oysters were growing off mulch pushed behind a treated pine retaining wall.

Clearly someone in the area has at some stage been growing these and they have gone feral. This was right near Sherbrooke Forest, Selby. They looked amazing and smelled/tasted much more aniseedy than I have noticed with homegrown oysters.

Clones were taken and in all honesty these were the best oysters I have ever tried!

This is a super aggressive oyster strain!

The DNA is in on these guys and its a Pleurotus ostreatus strain matching American wild types 98%. We are now calling this strain the Aussie Blues as they seem unusually blue.




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