Lepista sordida – the lilac blewit – culture


We have now – via DNA extraction and analysis – confirmed that this Lepista species is actually Lepista sordida rather than Lepista sublilacina. READ MORE IN DESCRIPTION BELOW

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Despite its petite size, sordida has a stronger ‘fruity’ smell than other blewits like the wood blewit and field blewit (Lepista nuda and saeva) with classic blewit flavours. Now that we have confirmed – via DNA extraction and analysis that this mushroom is actually Lepista sordida rather than sublilacina we can confidently confirm that it is an edible species.

In culture this species is almost as aggressive as oyster mushrooms – with incredibly fast and thick growing tenacious mycelium – a characteristic that sets it apart from other edible Lepista species we have worked with (nuda and saeva). It also pins readily and easily on agar.

We have quickly concluded that this species is far more suitable for domestic cultivation than other Lepista species.

We are currently in the process of isolating the most vigourous strains of this outstanding mushroom species. Cultivation is considered quite outdoors.

The last pic is by me showing the amazing lilac purple staining of the mycelium of this species – it actually bleeds liquid this colour when cut.



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