Wood Blewit (Lepista nuda) Culture

Selby Shrooms favourite mushroom – the wood blewit is a magnificent species with lilac gills, a meaty mottled lilac stem, an exquisite aroma somewhere between pineapple and orange-juice, and above all else a potent and unique rich, earthy flavour.

We offer here petri dish cultures of this mushroom obtained from Australian cloned specimens with the characteristic lilac mycelium.


We have concluded that indoor fruiting seems reasonably difficult with a low substrate to fruit yield. However, we are now confident that these the Wood Blewit (Lepista nuda) a can be quite easily introduced to outdoor patches to be fruited in June/July after frosts.

Lepista nuda is ideal for introduction to a leafy, shady mulch area such as under a pine tree or similar habitat. Spawn to substrate ratios should be high. Both of these strains have been obtained via clones of wild specimens.

Cultivation difficulty: moderate to difficult (indoors)

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Lepista Nuda – petri dish culture, Lepista Saeva – petri dish culture


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