Suillus luteus / granulatus (The Slippery Jack / Sticky Bun)

Probably the first wild mushrooms occurring in Southern Australia that gained popularity with the burgeoning new generation of gourmet mushroom hunters, this mushroom has been a staple for many people of eastern European extraction for hundreds of years – who consider these mushrooms (luteus and granulatus) are a delicacy when pickled or vinegared.

A large, weighty mushroom with a sticky, slimy brown to gold cap with age, it occurs sometimes in massive troops below groves of Pinus Radiata and similar pine species. The flavour can be earthy, versitile and the mushroom gives off a lot of liquid on cooking, making it especially suited to sauces. Another popular recipe is simply sautéing the sliced slippery jacks in butter, add sliced bacon and then the strained juice with some flour served on toast with parsley.

Some people report stomach upset with this mushroom eaten in large quantities. It is suggested that removing the slimy/sticky brown cap skin or the yellow pores can reduce this. Some – including Selby Shrooms – occasionally note a bitter aftertaste with this mushroom when eaten in large amounts.

Selby shrooms wild picks this mushroom – sometimes in massive quantities on private property to ensure a quality, reliable product. This mushroom generally fruits from early April to June/July with occasional occurrences as late as September. We can source this mushroom freshly picked or dried depending on your needs. We only pick young, healthy specimens.

Our price this season is $28 – $36per kilo. Selby Shrooms taste rating for this species: good.

This mushroom occurs in the Dandenong Ranges as Suillus luteus (the true Slippery Jack) and the similar Suillus granulatus which is almost identical in flavour, edibility and appearance but for a lack of persistent annular ring.

We also sell this mushroom in 50g bags dried for $5.


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